• Suitable for rubber rollers with high requirements for rebound resilience and wear resistance, such as flooring industry and other applications in machinery industry.
  • Suitable for high temperature resistance or general solvent conditions, such as hot melt adhesive, small quantity of DOP and general weak acid and weak alkali conditions.
  • Suitable for the rubber layer of corona rubber rollers. Excellent arc resistance and super dielectric strength can increase the life of product. In plastic film packaging industry and double stretch film (BOPP, BOPET, BOPI) industry, corona machine and corona rubber roller complete the corona treatment of various plastic films.
Physical PropertiesTest MethodUnitData
Model  NJ-RG3232NJ-RG3242NJ-RG3252NJ-RG3262NJ-RG3272NJ-RG3282NJ-RG6363NJ-652DY-70
Shore HardnessGB/T 531.1-2008A031-3538-4347-5356-6165-7175-8167±338-43
DensityGB/T 533-2008g/cm31.17±0.021.14±0.021.18±0.021.22±0.021.27±0.031.30±0.031.19±0.021.14±0.03
Tensile StrengthGB/T 528-2009Mpa≥4.0≥4.0≥4.0≥5.0≥5.0≥5.0≥6.0≥4.0
Elongation At BreakGB/T 528-2009%≥350≥200≥200≥200≥160≥100≥180≥200
Tear StrengthGB/T 529-2008KN/m≥9.0≥9.0≥10.0≥10.0≥10.0≥10.0≥11.0≥9
Impact ResilienceGB/T 1681-2009%≥50≥55≥50≥48≥42≥38/≥55
Compression SetGB/T 7759% ≦13 ≦13 ≦13 ≦10 ≦10 ≦10/ ≦13
Dielectric StrengthGB/T 1695-2005KV/mm///////≥28
ColorVisual Inspection/CustomizedCustomizedCustomizedCustomizedCustomizedCustomizedYellowGrey
Sample Cured ConditionCuring agent and quantity: C-8A×1.2%;curing temperature/time: 170℃×6Min.
Process SuggestionSuitable for common roller coating and extrusion roller coating process, curing by vulcanizer.
Dielectric Strength Test StandardComply with GB/T 7759, A shape smaple,180℃*22H.
Storage ConditionRoom temperature less than 25℃, do not contact water, avoid sun exposure.
Expiry Date10 months, suggest to finish within 3 months.If expired, can continue to be used after remilling and qualified inspection.