• Suitable for electrical products with strict fire retardant requirements, such as fire retardant gaskets, fire retardant sealing rings, wire sleeves, terminal covers and other products.
  • Suitable for foaming silicone rubber products with strict fire retardant requirements.
Physical PropertiesTest MethodUnitDATA
Model  NJ-352H SeriesNJ-352N SeriesNJ-352M SeriesNJ-FF7261
ColorVisual Inspection Black/WhiteBlack/WhiteBlack/WhiteWhite
Shore HardnessGB/T 531.1-2008A030-8030-8030-8057±3
DensityGB/T 533-2008g/cm31.44-1.501.44-1.501.44-1.501.29±0.02
Tensile StrengthGB/T 528-2009Mpa4443.8
Elongation At BreakGB/T 528-2009%240240240400
Tear StrengthGB/T 529-2008KN/m12121213
FlammabilityUL-94Class1mm 94V-02mm 94V-03mm 94V-02mm 94V-0


Sample Cured ConditionCuring agent and quantity: C-8A×1.2%curing temperature/time: 170×6Min.
Process SuggestionSuitable for mould pressing, extrusion and calendering technology. 60A/70A/80A are better for extrusion.
Pressing/injection molding technology: Add some release agent if product structure is complicated.
Extrusion technology: Add some quantity frost prevention agent.
Storage ConditionRoom temperature less than 25℃, do not contact water, avoid sun exposure.
Expiry Date10 months, suggest to finish within 3 months. If expired, can continue to be used after remilling and qualified inspection.