• All kinds of live sundries and kitchen tools like cake mould, brush and cushion.
  • All kinds of seal rings and cushions like water bottle,seal ring, O ring.
  • Common electric wire and cable products.
  • High tear resistance requirement products like special medical tube, new energy automobile charging wire, and high tear resistance requirement of above common applications.
Physical PropertiesTest MethodUnitCommon Fumed Silicone Rubber DataHigh Tear Resistance Fumed Silicone Rubber Data
Model  NJ-2130NJ-2150NJ-2170NJ-2180NJ-2550NJ-2570
Shore HardnessGB/T 531.1-2008A027-3347-5367-7375-8247-5366-72
DensityGB/T 533-2008g/cm31.09±0.021.15±0.021.2±0.021.21±0.021.17±0.021.22±0.02
Tensile StrengthGB/T 528-2009Mpa8.
Elongation At BreakGB/T 528-2009%500400300200400300
Tear StrengthGB/T 529-2008KN/m121818183030
Sample Cured ConditionCuring agent and quantity: C-8A×1.2%;curing temperature/time: 170℃×10Min.
Process SuggestionSuitable for pressing, injection molding, extrusion and calendering technology.
Package20Kg/ Carton.
Storage ConditionRoom temperature less than 25℃, do not contact water, avoid sun exposure.
Expiry Date10 months, suggest to finish within 3 months.If expired, can continue to be used after remilling and qualified inspection.